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Metal Shaping Techniques

Metal fabrication uses a variety of techniques to shape, form and join metal sheets together to create a new and innovative object. We are going to elaborate on the topic of metal shaping and the techniques associated with it. What is Metal Shaping? Metal shaping is the process by which you can bend, cut, shrink […]

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4 Common Metal Stamping Processes to Consider

What Is Metal Stamping? Metal stamping is an industrial process, that relies on machinery fitted with dies to create shapes from metal sheets. Metal presses can punch, emboss, tool, blank, notch, and coin sheet materials. It can be confusing trying to determine the most appropriate process of stamping. When selecting the metal stamping process, you […]

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Automotive Metal Pressings

We offer high quality automotive metal pressings in the UK and are based in the West Midlands. Pressings have been around for more than 40 years. It’s the most popular choice for automotive industries. This is due to their high strength and low weight. A world steel announcement mentioned that the automotive industry accounts for […]

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Sheet Metal Forming

What is Sheet Metal Forming? Sheet metal is formed by an industrial process. Where metal is pressed into flat and thin pieces. Sheet metal forming is a group of complementary process used to form the metal parts. It is used in metalworking, where it is possible to cut and bend the metal into different shapes.  […]

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Presswork Forming

What is metal presswork? Presswork forming is the process where a pressing force is applied to a material to deform it. This is to match the size and shape of the die. Metal presswork is a method of fashioning metal objects and parts through mechanical deformation. The reasoning behind this is so that the piece being worked […]