We offer high quality automotive metal pressings in the UK and are based in the West Midlands. Pressings have been around for more than 40 years. It’s the most popular choice for automotive industries. This is due to their high strength and low weight. A world steel announcement mentioned that the automotive industry accounts for roughly 12% of the global steel consumption.

A study reveals that the average aluminium content in cars is set to increase to 19% of a car’s curb weight by the year 2025. Aluminium is a lighter metal than steel. The increased amount of aluminium used in an average automobile is a good reflection of the increase in the scope of application of metals.

Our Automotive Metal Pressings

We use modern automation under meticulous conditions. We produce high quality metal pressings for nationwide automotive contracts. Deliver accurate solutions to a very high specification and on time.

Metal pressings are manufactured for a range of applications within the automotive sector including:

  • Driveshaft assemblies
  • Bumper stay brackets
  • Chassis systems
  • Cover floor holes
  • Vehicle engines
  • Seating
  • Floor panels
  • High carbon steels
  • Interior trim
  • Cross car beam
  • Lock strikers
  • Breaking systems
  • Wheel housings
  • Transmission and more

The materials used for automotive pressings include mild steel, brass, high carbon steels, copper etc. Stainless steel pressings are one of the most popular. This is due to it’s shiny finish and anti corrosive properties.


The bending process is a cost effective method when used for medium or low quantities. It is most suitable for processing ductile materials. Bent parts are used in door hinges, wheels, engine assembly, etc.

Use of the bending process in manufacturing spare parts and vehicle components is expected to grow faster over the next few years.

Other techniques of pressing include ironing, hemming, drawing, and stretching. They are used in manufacturing specific components in the industry like automotive parts, that need the overlapping of 2 materials or thickness reduction.

Application Insights

Automotive pressing is important for the manufacture of various functioning parts. It is used in automotive bodies, frames, steering, fuel and alternator systems. These parts play a major role in vehicle production, ensure optimal safety and the functionality of the vehicle.

Who We Are

We are based in the West Midlands in the UK. UK Pressings are leaders in the metal pressing industry. We have manufactured high quality metal pressings for 40 years. The metal pressing processes require experienced and dedicated technicians. Our knowledgeable team offers reliable solutions, tailored to your required application.


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