Roof Safety

UK Pressings are pleased to offer roof safety barriers to make your roofs safer and more secure.

Over the last 40 years, UK Pressings have satisfied all sorts of customer needs and a have created a wide portfolio of products. We now offer roof safety barriers which can be manufactured to the exact specifications of your roof to make sure your roof is more safe and secure.

If members of staff or the public ever have a need to visit your roof area, it is your responsibility to make sure that the roof area is safe and secure. To protect you from accidents and any unwanted litigation, a safety barrier is not just a good idea but a must to meet with health and safety regulations.

We offer a bespoke system so that you get the right roof safety protection system to meet your requirements.

The process of getting a roof safety system

Below are the steps taking you through the service we offer:

  • Contact: Customer identifies a need for a roof safety system and contacts UK Pressings.
  • Consultation: A UK Pressings engineer visits the site to consult and advise the customer and make measurements for the required roof safety system.
  • Quotation: UK Pressings supplies the client with a fully drawn out, no obligation, bespoke quote. We can assure you our quotes are competitive and are designed to fully meet your needs.
  • Design and Manufacture: Once we get the go-ahead, we design and manufacture your bespoke roof safety system.
  • Fitting: On a day and time agreed with the customer we fully fit the system.
  • Guarantee: All our roof safety systems are quality assured and fully guaranteed.

Contact UK Pressings for your new or replacement Roof Safety Barrier System today

If you’re not sure what you are looking for and are interested in discussing your needs, please contact us by calling: 01922 710 204 or by emailing . Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our Contact us page.