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Tube and Pipe Bending

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Our machines include:

  • Anglia Power Bend 72mm x 3mm Wall
  • Threading Machine 1/2″ to 4″
  • Ercolina 030-V25 Top Bender

What is tube bending?

Tube bending is the metal forming process that is mainly used to bend tubing and pipes into the form you need. Metal processing companies can differentiate between freedom-bending and form-bound procedures as well as between heat supported and cold forming procedures.

Bending procedures like press bending are used to form the workpiece into the shape of a die.

How is tube stock formed?

It is formed using a bending machine to create a variety of single or multiple bends to shape the piece into the desired form. These processes are used to form complex shapes out of a variety of ductile metal tubing.

A tube can be bent in multiple angles and directions. Simple bends have forming elbows in the range from 2° to 90°. U-bends are 180° bends.

More complex geometries may have multiple 2D and 3D bends. A 2-plane bend is defined as a compound bend that has a bend in the plane view and a bend in the elevation. If you want to calculate the 2-plane bend, then you must know the rotation and angle.

Basic Designs

Tube and pipe manufacturers offer a variety of basic designs such as square or circular shapes; also numerous custom forms are available. Products are found in a variety of industries including the construction, medical, aerospace, automotive and electrical industries.

Most tubes and pipes used in these industries are fabricated from plastic or metal materials.

Standard Bending

This employs a range of tools and techniques from mandrels as it formed to triangulate the rolling devices that work pre-formed tubes and pipes.

Roll Bending

It is mainly used for construction purposes; it generally entails 3 rolls positioned in a pyramid oriented either vertically or horizontally. The rolls move to produce specific, usually large radii. The rolls move depends on the machine. On some, the top roll moves up and down to produce the desired angle on others, the 2 bottom rolls move, and the top roll remains stationary.

Mandrel Bending

This is a pipe and tube bending technique that uses a solid steel rod inserted into the pipe while it bends. This yields you the perfect bend without breaking or wrinkling the pipe at the bend. It utilises the machine designed to bend thin tubing on a tight radius with close to zero deformations.

It is most commonly used to create exhaust pipes, intakes and heat exchange tubing, dairy tubing etc.

Rotary Draw Bending

This is the most versatile and common methods to bend tubes and pipes. This bending involves clamping on the pipes’ outside diameter.

Some draw bending machines can be programmed to repeat complex bending operations on multiple workpieces, to improve the precision and uniformity of a production run.

Applications used,

  • Handrails
  • Trailer frames
  • Conduit Bending
  • Automobile roll cages

Ram Bending

This is an old and cheap method that is rarely used in today’s modern world. Tubes or pipes are secured at 2 external points while a bending ram presses into the workpiece’s central axis.

How about the power?

The power is through a vertical ramming cylinder and ram forces the tube against a pair of fixed rollers, which is to bend around the die.

It is used to manufacture automobile exhaust pipes and to form electrical conduits.


We are UK Pressings, and we bend all types of materials such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals, both in imperial and metric sizes. Our clients receive the benefits of our 40 years of experience in the tube bending industry. We offer a quality service to fixed deadlines at a competitive price.

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