Tube Manipulation

Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Sheet Fabrication

Lets Bend It! Here at J&J Engineering, the tube manipulators, we have recently increased our current capacity to manufacture and produce various types of tube manipulated products to meet your requirements.

We provide stainless steel fabrication, tube manipulation and bending services in Birmingham, Walsall and West Midlands.

From low to high volumes with our excellence in engineering and production we can help you achieve and produce a precise end product at a competitive price.

Our in-house machinery consists of

    • Anglia Power Bend 72mm x 3mm Wall
    • Threading Machine 1/2″ to 4″
    • Ercolina 030-V25 Top Bender

J&J’s Tube Bending Services range up to 60mm in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.

We can also facilitate for your tubular products to be powder-coated.